3,5 di-Benzyloxy acetophenone

Product No. CA000003
CAS No. 28924-21-2
Minimum Order Quantity 500
UOM Grams
Properties CAS Number 28924-21-2
Linear Formula (C6H5CH2O)2C6H3COCH3
Molecular Weight 332.39
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CA000003 500 Grams 110.00 Make-to-order
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3,5 di-Benzyloxy acetophenone
CAS Number 28924-21-2
Linear Formula (C6H5CH2O)2C6H3COCH3
Molecular Weight 332.39
Safety data information not available
CAS Number 28924-21-2
Linear Formula (C6H5CH2O)2C6H3COCH3
Molecular Weight 332.39
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