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About Chakrachem

The New Way to success.

Chakrachem is a manufacturer and supplier of API Intermediates; fine chemicals, aroma, flavor and fragrances chemicals and natural products also specialty chemicals. Chakrachem Offers over 1,000 + products for research and development via a comprehensive of API Intermediates, Fine chemicals and fragrances chemicals and natural products also specialty chemicals. Our products are available in pre-packaged catalog sizes, and in semi-bulk and bulk quantities. We also offer custom synthesis and special packaging services

We provide custom synthesis and contract mfg in the area of Fine chemicals and Specialty chemicals, API intermediates and ect.., Find our products are the same high quality as our competition, but are often more affordable.

Efficient Product Search Engine.

The Chakra Chem search engine can save your time! On our website, advanced structure search, powerful compound list search,and MOL search, enhance your experience of sourcing compounds. “Structure Search” allows you to draw structures or sub-structures in the editor field to find specific compounds and related analogs. “List Search” simultaneously searches numerous products with inventory and price information. All you need to do is enter the catalog numbers and CAS numbers.

The real-time docking of Chakra Chem’s WMS system and website ensures the global synchronization of inventory data.

At Chakra Chem, we consider our business a scientific tool and a chemical database. We constantly develop new website features and optimize website content that brings the inspiration for drug discovery and saves time and effort for our customers.